RUMMAGE SALE: Save the Date


Our next Rummage Sale will be held on February 9th from 9:00am to 1:00pm, so you have extra time to clean out your closets and find those treasures to pass on to their new homes!

We love to sell ethnic clothing, exotic jewelry, art, toys, textiles, and all sorts of tribal items. We hope you will keep saving your donations for our sale!

Volunteer 'Belled' at UNA Center

Fran Koukal with store manager Ruth Biedermann

Fran Koukal with store manager Ruth Biedermann

Our volunteer Fran Koukal received a bell from Ben's Bells on March 30th. The Center had a cake and gifts of fabric and ribbon for Fran.

Ben's Bells honors someone each week who makes Tucson better. Fran began volunteering at the UNA Center in 2005. She noticed that there was no gift-wrapping for jewelry gift purchases and decided to do something about that. She began to sew small drawstring bags to serve this purpose. Customers can choose from bags in a variety of colors and prints. Fran purchases some of the fabric and some is donated by other volunteers. This year Fran, who is 94, made more than 1,100 bags.