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Second Tuesday Talks: David Fitzsimmons--A Cartoonist's Perspective


David Fitzsimmons will treat you to a cartoonist’s perspective on the state of our world and why protecting satire is a swell American value. He’ll power through a power point, doodle, and draw out attendees. No one in the audience will be safe from “The fastest draw west of the Potomac.”

Dave Fitzsimmons is the Editorial Cartoonist and Humor Columnist for The Arizona Daily Star. A Pulitzer finalist, Fitz is syndicated to over 800 news publications around the world.

Described as a “Flaming moderate at the fringe of America’s center”, Fitz is a snappy dresser who loves reading hate mail from readers and making his kids laugh.

Please join us for this lecture!

Bring your lunch and a friend, and we will provide drinks and snacks.