July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017


  • We purchased items made in 97 countries and from every continent, except Antarctica.
  • Many of our items are handmade by artisans from around the world whom your purchases help to support. We do our best to purchase fair trade goods and from cottage industries. We purchased fair trade goods made in 41 countries.
  • The store donated 98.8% of net profit to United Nations Programs: UNICEF, UNHCR and University of Arizona Model UN.
  • Our customers directly donated $7,284. 100% was sent to U.N. programs.
  • Our two rummage sales made $11,468. 100% was sent to U.N. programs.
  • More than fifty volunteers helped to run the gift store, donating at least 14,700 hours of their time. One volunteer made around 1,100 small gift bags for the store to give away to customers who bought jewelry gifts.